Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Curious George Birthday Party

We were so excited for our little monkey to turn two. One of his recent favorite shows has become Curious George.

Invitations: I found these cute invitations at Mrs. This and That and I added my own details and put them in my software to make an 8.5x11 sheet for easy printing.
Decorations: I started looking around for Curious George party stuff and couldn't find anything. There was stuff online but it was expensive. Then I hit the jackpot at a local party store. They were having a clearance sale and had a bunch of boxes full with a sign that said, 'Fill a bag, $10'. After sifting through a few boxes I found some Curious George thank you notes, goodie bags, a table decoration, and streamer. I filled the rest of my bag up with other party supplies that I either ended up saving for a future party or selling (profit, sweet!). When we combined those things with simple red and yellow party-ware the theme was complete and the space looked festive and great. I borrowed a bunch of Curious George books from the library and I set them up all over the place. They doubled as decorations and activities. L loved it and seeing his face as he walked around was my reward.


Food: We served bananas, animal crackers and grilled burgers. L kept trying to sneak the Runts and the banana candies. We found some cute red and yellow lollipops that matched well. We would have had popcorn in our buckets but didn't want the kids under 3 to choke on it.

Cake: One of my favorite parts of the kids' birthday parties is to make a homemade cake. At first I thought that making a monkey cake would be...a piece of cake. But I forgot to bring my pans and baking supplies with me and we were out of town. I just decided it'd be easier to just buy one, but all the places were booked up for the next day so I had to figure something else out. I ended up buying a Boston Creme round cake, an individual little cupcake, some chocolate and butter cream icing, and a can of black decorator icing. The day of the party I transformed the little round cake and mixed the two icings together to make a light brown for George's face. I cut the cupcake in half to make the ears. I added a few details with the black icing from a can (that smile took about 8 do overs to get finally) and voila....
 When I asked L who it was he said, 'Kurios Deorge!' and I knew my work was worth it.

L had fun opening his gifts. Meme shopped everywhere and finally found some great Curious George stuff from Kohl's including a book, a little backpack...
 and a stuffed Curious George himself. She found the shirt at Old Navy.

Happy 2nd Birthday!