Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Dreams

At night we usually have a little bedtime routine we do with L. We read a few stories, sometimes a Bible story, tell a pretend story, pray, and sing Silent Night and Amazing Grace. We use the pretend stories as a way to transition from the fun reading book time to turning off the light and one more little story. We usually make the story about L. Hubby does great stories and has a whole line up of characters and voices. My stories are more simple, have a little moral to them (brainwashing) and somehow often have to do with food. Sometimes I pause let L add in the details-like the classic story of Mommy and L go to Publix:

Mommy: "...and L was a good boy the whole shopping trip and stayed in the cart and didn't fuss. So then mommy and L went to the bakery and L picked out a..... "(pause for him to answer)
L: Sprinkle!
Mommy: ...cookie. And then L let Mommy have a little bite too. The End.

I hope I never forget tonight's story-

Mommy: Okay tonight I'm going to tell you 'The Story of a Precious Little Boy Named L.' Once upon a time there was a Precious Little Boy named.... (pause)
L: L!
Mommy: He had a Precious Little nose (cue-kiss nose), and Precious Little curls, and a Precious Little tummy and (no pause, but he just chimes right in)
L: and a Precious Little Mommy!
(Cue Mommy melting)

Seriously, we are so blessed with this boy. We can't imagine life without the joy he brings to each day and we are so thankful to God for him.

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