Saturday, September 6, 2014

Resurrection Sunday!

We were really looking forward to Easter Sunday this year because we had planned a luncheon after church for international students. A few days before we made 'Resurrection Rolls'. They were supposed to help tell the story of Jesus's death and resurrection. We took a marshmallow that represented Jesus (white to represent his sinless nature) and dipped it in melted butter and cinnamon and sugar (to represent the oil and spices used for his burial). Then we wrapped it in a crescent roll to make little tombs like he was buried in. We made sure to seal all the edges and then we cooked them. A was in high anticipation as to what would happen.

 They were both surprised when we cut them open and the marshmallow was gone! It represented how Jesus arose and the tomb was empty.
 So yeah, Jesus kind of melted into the tomb but he was very yummy. Just a fun thing to do with the kids. We also like to dye eggs. Even L got to help....wait buddy, don't try to balance it on the dipper thing...
 "Mommy, it has a dent in it."
 Finally the day arrived and we got all dressed and headed to church. I wore my new $4 dress I got at the thrift store. Score! The kids looked sweet in their dressy clothes. I thought back on all those times my mom had to deal with me complaining about 'it's too tight!' or 'I don't like it, it's itching me!' I got paybacks because A complained all the day before about her dress itching her and she didn't want to wear it. So I stayed up late the night before sewing a piece of fleece around the itchy part and she was a happy girl.

After a lovely worship service we headed home and I got a few pictures snapped before the group got back home.

 As they were posing for this picture G looked at A and said, 'You look really pretty A." Ah, sweet boy. I just love him.
 And my beautiful girl, such a sweet, kind, lovely...
 oh, wait, that's more like normal. What was I saying? Oh yes, feisty, active, amazing girl...

Mommy-son moment
 Okay L, your turn for some pictures. I know you've been running around this whole time but we gotta go stand by the tree cause momma needs pictures for the album.
 Nooooo Mommy! I'm riding on my car.
 L, get out of the bush. I want you to stand by this tree.
 Ahh, reinforcements are here.
 And now lunch can begin! These two ladies helped me set up my appetizers. Since I was cooking a lot of roast lunch wasn't ready until a little bit later so we had to have a few things to snack on.
 The whole group, minus G who took the picture for us.
 After everyone left we realized we should probably do an egg hunt for the kids. So I went out and hid three sets of eggs, pink/purple for A, blue/green for G, and orange/yellow for L. They each had to find their own colors and I made the big kids' pretty tough to find. A walked by this one several times before she saw it.
 L's eggs were pretty much just laying on the ground in plain sight, with maybe a few tricky ones hidden under his toys on the porch.
  Daddy hid one in his pocket as a tricky one. We told them it was outside but they couldn't see it and we'd tell them 'colder, colder' or 'hotter, hotter' as they got closer to him, but then he'd walk away and then they'd try to look around and then we'd switch it up. So they were getting very frustrated because at first we'd say hot and then later on in the same spot we'd be saying cold. They finally figured it out and thought it was a good trick.

After they found all the eggs they had a little egg party in the backyard.

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