Saturday, September 13, 2014

This. Boy.

There is no hiding it. We are pretty much in love with L. Even the big kids are enchanted with his personality. So he fits all the youngest child stereotypes, comedian of the family, etc. We are constantly saying, 'adorable', 'so cute', 'darling'.
His first joke was before he turned a year old. He put a bowl on his head and said, 'Hat!' and laughed. This day he found my sunglasses and came and told me he was a rockstar. I really wish I had a constant webcam of him so that there would be peace on earth. Really, people could just watch and say, 'Ah, why am I mad, this kid is so cute.'
We are amazed by his curly hair and have no idea where it came from, had to be Hubby's side of the family. With my super straight hair I never thought I'd have a curly haired kid. The curls have a life of their own. Sometimes when he gets up in the morning his hair is a little unruly. We say he looks like a lion with a messy mane. This day his hair was sticking to the climber with static electricity.
Out of control cuteness.

I think it's most adorable when he has a hat on and the curls just kind of pop out to the sides. 
Oh! The ringlets!

 We joke that we are going to eat his curls. The other night we were sitting at dinner admiring a particular curl that had formed right above his nose. He noticed we were all watching him and he started bouncing his head around so his curls would bounce. Stop! Cuteness overload! Cannot handle the cuteness!!

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