Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blog Restart!

Been doing some work on my blog lately and making goals and lots of changes. I've been trying to figure out what I want my voice to look like on the internet. I've decided to switch my focus on this blog to more about my thoughts. I've taken all my family posts and moved them to private blog (you can contact me if you want to be a reader on that blog).

I first started this blog to share my thoughts on motherhood and have a place to write about current events and interact with others who were in a similar place. Over the years it morphed into a space I could also share family happenings and pictures with friends but I find now that Facebook is a better place for that as I can be more selective there and have more privacy with our family pictures and events.

So Larkslife will become more my own internet journal and a way for me to be able to get better at writing and interacting with the issues that are of interest for me. I'll write about current events, discuss mom stuff, review books that I'm reading, thoughts on Jesus and all with a Lark-feel to them. I'll still occasionally post the cute things the kids are doing but with more concern for our family's privacy I won't be posting names and you'll see I've changed my previous posts to reflect that.

Hope you'll join me! I'm looking forward to developing as a writer and creating a community where it's safe to discuss issues and dialogue with people of differing backgrounds and ideologies.

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